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Mascarello Granite     CD Granite Slab Juparana  

**Granite Countertop Summer Special** - If you have above 70 Sq.Ft. you qualify for a FREE 6 Sq.Ft vanity top.

Natural Stone is unique, call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment with one of our stone suppliers so you can view and pick your favorite slab(s).  Click Here for a list of suppliers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Below are some of the most popular and beautiful natural stones available.  If you don't see the color you want, e-mail or call us, through our stone suppliers we have over 200 different colors available for you to choose from.


Budget Colors   (granite, fabrication & install)

verde agate granite   new caledonia granite   Uba Tuba Granite

Verde Agate                                New Caledonia                            Uba Tuba

crema caramel granite   golden garnet granite   mystic muave granite

Crema Caramel                           Golden Garnet                            Mystic Muave

 almond light granite   bainbrook brown granite   luna pearl granite

Almond Light                             Bainbrook Brown                          Luna Pearl

Group One Colors   (granite, fabrication & install)

Santa Cecilia Granite   New Venetian Gold Granite    Giallo Fiorito Granite

Santa Cecilia                                             New Venetian Gold                                   Giallo Fiorito

Baltic Brown Granite    Tan Brown Granite    azul platino granite

Baltic Brown                                              Tan Brown                                                  Azul Platino

Verde Butterfly Granite    Peacock Green Granite    Verde Tunas Granite

Verde Butterfly                                           Peacock Green                                          Verde Tunas

Carioca Gold Granite    Giallo Antico Granite    Autumn Harmony Ganite

 Carioca Gold                                             Giallo Antico                                              Autumn Harmony

giallo artic granite    desert brown granite    Juparana Boreal Granite

Giallo Artic                                                Desert Brown                                              Juparana Boreal

Group Two Colors

Giallo Ornamental Granite      Black Pearl Granite   Brazilian Black Granite

Giallo Ornamental                                  Black Pearl                                                 Absolute Black Brazilian      

Vicenza Granite    Tropical Brown Granite    Key West Gold Granite   

Vicenza                                                       Tropical Brown                                         Key West Gold

Amarello Boreal Granite    Impala Black Granite    Ocean Blue Granite

Amarello Boreal                                      Impala Black                                               Ocean Blue  

 Red Balmoral Granite    Paradiso Classic    Juparana Columbo Granite Colombo

 Red Balmoral                                            Paradiso Classic                                       Juparana Columbo

Group Three Colors

White Spring Granite    Absolute Black Granite Indian Premium    Blue Pearl Granite

White Spring                                            Absolute Black                                            Blue Pearl

Black Galaxy Granite    Giallo Veneziano Granite    Juparana Fantastico Granite

Black Galaxy                                           Giallo Veneziano                                       Juparana Fantastico

Golden Beach Granite    Bianco Romano Granite    Colonial Cream Granite

Golden Beach                                             Bianco Romano                                        Colonial Cream

Exotic Colors

Yellow River Golden Ridge Granite    Typhoon Bordeaux Granite    Costa Smeralda Granite

Yellow River                                               Typhoon Bordeaux                                   Costa Smeralda

Blue Bahia Granite Azul    Red Dragon Granite    Kozmus Granite

Blue Bahia                                                 Red Dragon                                                 Kozmus


Blue Louise Granite    Aurora Borealis Granite    Crema Bordeaux Granite

Blue Louise                                                  Aurora Borealis                                        Crema Bordeaux

 blue eyes granite slab

Blue Eyes



Bianco Venatino Marble       

Bianco Venatino                                      Cafe Forest                                                  Emperador Dark

    Calacatta Gold Marble    Crema Marfil Marble

Frosted White                                            Calacatta Gold                                          Crema Marfil

White Carrara Marble      

White Carrara                                            Michaelangelo                                      Noir St. Laurent



Green                                                        White                                                           Velvet


* Please contact us for pricing. A minumum square footage may be required depending on color, slab size and availability of slabs.

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