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Backsplash in Natural Stone

Most kitchens have shiny ceramic tile as their backsplash or no backsplash at all. Upgrading your kitchen backsplash can be a smart compliment to your granite countertops. Not only does it protect your walls against moisture, with a little help, it can truly become a focal point in your kitchen.

A typical backsplash upgrade consists of 4x4 Tumbled Stone with 2x2 Inserts every 3 feet.  There are many types of materials that can be used to create a backsplash including:  Travertine, Tumbled Stone, Glass, Stainless Steel, Porcelain, Ceramic, etc.

How do I choose my kitchen backsplash?  Many granite and marble vendors that supply slabs will also sell tile for backsplash applications. You can view and pick out material there or you can visit stores that are specifically dedicated to just tile like: Dal-Tile, Interceramic, American Tile, & Emser Tile.

What does it include?  A backsplash replacement includes:  Demolition and Removal of Old Tile, New Drywall Installation, Glue, Grout, and Tile. (Drywall is necessary because the old wall is usually torn out when the tile is removed.)

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